Collateral Auction Quality Assets

When it comes to other types of collateral we accept, there is a broad range of assets that could be used against your loan. These items can be a family heirloom, could have played an important [part in history, or simply have been bought through an auction house.

To be considered for acceptance, auction quality assets should have been acquired through a renowned auction house, like (but not limited to) Sotheby’s, Manhattan Auctions, Heritage Auctions, Antique, and Estate Buyers, Phillips, etc.


Asset evaluation

We will ensure a fast and accurate valuation of your auction-quality asset

Depending on your type of asset we may consult with a third-party expert as their experience and data access can ensure that our research is up-to-date and accurate. We will take into consideration all factors: starting from the condition, rarity, and current market conditions.


Send a message or call 212.365.5079 and we will start from there.

Contact us to schedule an in-office appointment preferably including a detailed description of your asset(s) and the desired loan amount.


Submit your pieces for a collateral evaluation

If you are not able to come into the office for a personal meeting, you can always send us your belongings in advance. We will make appropriate arrangements for the evaluation. During the time of shipment and while in our possession we are fully responsible to keep your luxury item insured.


Receive A Final Loan Quote

After the initial phases of inspection are cleared, we will contact you about Our Loan offer.

Image via

“Falling Woman” Anna Weyant 2020

Market Value: $150.000
AKL Loans Value: $105.000
Image via

“The Incredible Hulk” first edition

Market Value: $490.000
AKL Loans Value: $343.000


Image via

A Louis XV Ormolu-mounted Polychrome decorated Musical Bracket Clock

Market Value: $16.000
AKL Loans Value: $11.200
Image via

Frank Sinatra American, signed

Market Value: $10.000
AKL Loans Value: $ 7.000
Image via

‘Chan’ Coffee Table, Philip & Kelvin Laverne

Market Value: $ 7.500
AKL Loan Value: $ 5.250

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Using A Auction Quality Asset As Collateral

Use The Value Of
Your Auction Quality Assets

Many different types of assets may come into consideration for collateral against your loan. Keep in mind that an auction-quality asset needs to have proof of being bought or sold through a certified auction house so we can provide you with the best value based on the items’ worth.

Image via RM Sotheby's

The Racers by Stanley Wanlass, 1978

Market value:$13,200
AKL Loans value: $9,240
Image via RM Sotheby's

1956 Bimbo Racer 12V Children's Car

Market value: $21,600
AKL Loans Value: $15,120
Image via

Art Tatum's Watch, from Frank Sinatra, inscribed

Market value: $5,000
AKL Loans Value: $3,500